Mar. 31st - Apr. 24th, 2017: Exhibition of Nukeshi made by Izumi Suzuki


  "Nukeshi布形子" is the Kokeshi made with cloth. That craftwork of an artist named Izumi Suzuki will be exhibited at KOKE SHKA's shop.

  You would feel that Nukeshi looks like the real wood Kokeshi, while it's cloth-made.  Nukeshi is expressive, while it's simple.  Nukeshi would make you think of a girl, while it's the doll.

- In this exhibition, we will sell them as in the box set that includes 1) collection of photos taken by a photographer Genqui Numata, 2) three badges, 3) a music tape recorded by a Taiwanese musician Lu wei.

- 100 pieces only

- 12,000 Jp Yen per box plus tax


  Also, we will sell two types of original Russian made ballpoint pens designed by Izumi Suzuki and Japanese hand towel Tenugui in limited quantity.


We are looking forward to your visit.  See you at KOKE-SHKA's shop.